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Surface Cleaning Can Remove Contaminants That Are Bad For Your Health

A building can get downright nasty through the years. With the weather, the dust, and the other unavoidable debris, your home or business can begin to look quite unsightly through the years.

Of course, this unsightliness is more than just bad to look at. It’s also bad to breathe in. After all, if your home or business is caked in layers of dirt and mold and all else, then guess what? You’ll be breathing all that in every moment you spend in those places -- which will be a lot of time.

And after breathing in these contaminants for long enough, you could begin to experience some serious health issues -- issues which can require some costly medical treatment over time. Yikes!

But don’t lose heart! You can avoid the “yikes,” and you can make your home or business look as beautiful as ever! And how can you do that?

Why, by calling on Tom McNulty General Maintenance for a thorough surface cleaning, of course! With well over a decade in the business, we at Tom McNulty General Maintenance have all the expertise needed to provide you with the most thorough surface cleaning money can buy!

Don’t hesitate. Call up our General Maintenance Service company today, and start enjoying all the great benefits that a surface cleaning can provide:

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Don’t Let The Nasty Buildups That Nature Causes On Your Building’s Exterior Surfaces Compromise Your Health

The exterior of a building never gets a rest from the elements. Day and night, all year long, your home or business must bear the brunt of all that Nature has to throw at it.

And after enough time spent butting heads with Nature and its oftentimes unpleasant artillery, your home or business could begin to develop some pretty nasty growths:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Algae

Yes, those growths are certainly unpleasant to look at, and that alone should be enough reason to convince you to address them. But if it’s not, then perhaps the health risks these growths can cause will be:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Headaches
  • Coughs
  • Itchy eyes

Don’t let the nasty buildups that Nature causes on your building’s exterior surfaces compromise your health. Instead, call up Tom McNulty General Maintenance for a thorough surface cleaning today.


Do you think you might ever want to put your home or business on the market? It’s a common enough practice. Surely the thought has crossed your mind at one time or another.

During those times when you think you might someday want to sell your property, you probably think about what you can do to draw in interested buyers. Makes sense.

So, just what can you do to draw in customers? Put up signage? Post your property on real estate websites? Spread the news via word of mouth?

Yes, yes, and yes. Those are all effective methods of getting your home out there to interested buyers . . . But that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll bring in those buyers to buy your property.

No, for that, you need to offer the eager shoppers something that really grabs them. And to do that, you need to ensure that your property is just about as haltingly beautiful as it can be! How, though, can you do that?

Easy: by calling on Tom McNulty General Maintenance for a thorough surface cleaning that will get your home or business looking just as good as new and, thus, allow it to enjoy the greatest curb appeal possible!

Surface Cleaning


If you are in the market for just about the most thorough surface cleaning possible, then don’t hesitate to call on the pros at Tom McNulty General Maintenance! With well over a decade of experience in the business, we at Tom McNulty General Maintenance can promise you only top-tier surface cleaning work!

We at Tom McNulty General Maintenance strive to be the top local surface cleaners, promising to deliver quality work at a price that anyone can afford!

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