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Miscellaneous Cleaning

A clean home is a happy home. But a clean home is also kind of a pain-in-the-neck to maintain.

After all, there are so MANY things that can cause your home to be a little less than clean and a whole lot more than a little dirty:

  • Yard work
  • Construction
  • Harsh weather
  • Autumn leaves
  • Accidents

You can’t really avoid the above-mentioned situations, nor can you avoid the messes they often cause. All you can do is clean up those messes, move on, and do the same thing again the next time they happen, lather, rinse, repeat ad nauseum.

However, while it’s true that you can’t avoid these oftentimes expansive messes, you CAN avoid having to clean them yourself. And how might that be, you may wonder eagerly?

The answer is simple: by calling on our General Maintenance Service Company for our miscellaneous cleaning services!

Whether you have yard waste, construction debris, an over-abundance of leaves and branches and the like, or just about anything else short of hazardous waste, you can count on us at Tom McNulty General Maintenance to get the mess cleaned up and your home looking like a million bucks once more!

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Are you looking to put your home on the market? Well, then you better be sure that home is looking ship-shape! After all, people aren’t exactly keen to even think about buying a place that looks shabby.

Now, the first place you need to focus on in your endeavor to beautify your home is the outside. (It’s not like they call it “kitchen doorway appeal.” You want it to appeal to people who can see it from the curb!)

And if your yard is littered with years of life and other messes, you might feel winded at just the thought of cleaning up all that mess before continuing on to the rest of the already exhausting work of selling your home.

Should your yard be in such a demotivating state, don’t sweat it! Instead, you just focus on everything else you have to do to get that house sold while we at Tom McNulty General Maintenance handle the cleanup work for you!

A clean, beautiful home is a home that people are likely to want to buy. And to get your home cleaned thoroughly and quickly, be sure to call on Tom McNulty General Maintenance for miscellaneous cleaning to knock away the years of life and all else that might be marring your home and its beauty!

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