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Gutter Cleaning Makes It That You Don't Have To Walk Through A Waterfall When It Rains

How often do you think about your gutters? Maybe only when it’s raining particularly hard and you think of them just long enough to be grateful that they’re making it so you don’t have to walk through a waterfall just to step onto or off of your porch

But you should think about your gutters just a little more often than that. After all, they do more than simply keep you dry (or at least less wet) when the sky’s falling.

What else do they do?

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Gutters Help Protect Your Home’s Foundation By Diverting Rainwater

Your gutters might be situated near the top of your home, along the roof, but the work they do extends all the way down your home -- down to the foundation, in fact.

How, you might wonder, can your gutters help to keep your foundation intact?

Why, by doing what they do best, of course: diverting rainwater.

Yes, without your rain gutters, all that water that floods down from the skies would just fall straight down to the base of your home. There, it would puddle and, in time, seep down into your home’s foundation.

And, as any homeowner knows, volumes of water on any part of your home are bad news -- very bad news when this water picks your home’s foundation as its target. In this situation, you could begin to experience a variety of costly and, moreso, dangerous structural issues with your home!


Knowing the important structural help gutters provide, you might be keen to keep up with your gutters’ maintenance. This means keeping an eye on them to ensure they don’t suffer from damages that the wind and harsh weather can cause.

But intense weather conditions should not be the only events that put your gutter senses on high alert. You should also be aware when the leaves start to fall en masse.

After all, leaves can accumulate in your gutters, leaving them clogged. And once your gutters become clogged, the rainfall that accosts your home on a regular basis won’t be able to use the channels that your gutters provide to help direct that water away from your home’s foundation.

Instead, that rainfall will simply accumulate and then exit in the quickest way it can: over the sides of your gutters . . . right down toward the base of your home.

When it comes to clogged gutters, the fix is simple: Just get those gutters cleaned! Of course, cutters can oftentimes be quite high off the ground, meaning the fix might be simple but not always safe -- especially if you are elderly and the job falls on your shoulders!

So, just what can you do to avoid foundational damage and, more importantly, bodily damage when your gutters become clogged? That’s easy:

gutter cleaning


You don’t have to live with clogged gutters that allow rainwater to corrode your home’s foundation, nor do you have to put yourself at risk by climbing a shaky ladder with a bucket in hand all by yourself.

Instead, you can call on the top local gutter-cleaners at Our General Maintenance Service Company! With well over a decade of experience in the business, we at Tom McNulty General Maintenance have all the know-how and the expertise to get your gutters as clean as can be!

Your gutters are important, so you need to keep them clean.

But your well-being is MORE important -- so you need to call on Tom McNulty General Maintenance to get those gutters cleaned as the need becomes pressing!

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