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Why You Should Keep Your Windows Clean

Window cleaningWhat do your windows offer you?

A place to sit and stare wistfully when you’re in a particularly pensive mood.

A sill for cooling pies (for the old-fashioned among you).

Something to open when the spring has sprung and you want to let the winter out of your home.

All nice things to have, right? Right. But not the most practical things, are they? Also right.

So, are impractical things all that your windows have to offer you? Certainly not! Your windows can also offer your a couple of great practical benefits as well!

Not sure what those benefits are? Still think that pie-cooling and wistful looking are all that a window is good for? If so, then just read on, and our quick list of the two most practical benefits that windows offer your home should elucidate you to the importance of this installation!


Sure, it’s nice to open up your windows after spring has finally given Old Man Winter the boot for another year. But until then, you still have to deal with the cold as best you can.

Of course, the best you can do to combat the cold is to crank up the heat. But that can surely get costly, can’t it? Yes, it can -- especially when you have to keep the heat running for so many months straight!

So, when Jack Frost is blowing up a storm, you need to find ways to keep your home warm without emptying your bank account. A great way to do that is to let your windows do what they do best: let the sun shine in!

As the sun shines in through your windows, it will help heat your house up. Thus, you’ll have to run your heating unit less and, thus, pay less money to keep your home nice and toasty in the winter. So open those curtains wide when the temperature outside starts to plummet, and enjoy the best heating at the lowest cost!


Of course, the weather isn’t disagreeable only when the temperatures drop. It can be disagreeable at ANY time of the year toward either end of the thermometer.

This means that you could be spending a mint to keep your home comfortable every day of the year with your air conditioning as well as your cooling.

Thus, you need to have a constant way to keep your heating and cooling costs down. But can your windows help with that when the temperatures are cresting well into the nineties? Surely all that extra sunlight would only make your cooling costs go up.

That’s true that it would. But it’s also true that your windows can STILL help keep you comfortable on a dime thanks to their insulating qualities!

Yes, your windows help to keep your home insulated all year long. And with this extra bit of insulation, you can better retain your cooled and heated air within your home, thus helping to keep the cost of comfort as low as can be!


Though your windows may not have to be active like a machine to provide these benefits, you still need to keep up with them to fully enjoy those benefits.

For their heating benefits, you need to keep your windows as clean and streak-free as possible. And for their insulation, you need to rid your windows of any harmful buildups that can wear away at their insulating structures: acid rain, oxidation, and the like.

A great way to keep your windows clean and intact and, thus, practical is to call on an expert to provide you with the most thorough window cleaning possible!

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