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What Benefits Can a Power Washing Provide My Home?

power washingHere we are: once more facing the holidays. Time to break out the decorations and the nice dinnerware, forgo your diet for another six weeks, and get ready to treat the carpal tunnel that inevitably follows the bibliography of cards you’re about to send out.

It’s also the time of year when you have to get your home in tip-top shape as you anticipate an onslaught of guests to come flocking to it.

There is a laundry list of things you have to do to keep your home looking beautiful. And as you work your way through that list, you might find yourself focused first on the big things you can do to get your home looking great.

And one of the biggest, most all-encompassing things you can do for the look of your home is to get the outside of it power washed.

Now, you might be considering going through with a power washing . . . But then again, you might be telling yourself, “It’s only the outside of my house. It’s not like we’re having Thanksgiving on the back porch. Who cares how the outside looks?”

That’s a pretty good argument right there. But let us counter it by telling you the many other ways that a power washing can benefit your home, not just for when the folks pop in for turkey and pie but also for a good, long time to come!


Your home never gets a break from all the wild stuff that Nature kicks up as the urge strikes it. Day and night, your home must face wave after wave of rain and snow and heat and dirt and everything else.

And after enough years of facing such a nonstop natural assault, your home can begin to not only look bad but also develop unhealthy growths -- growths such as mold and mildew!

Should you be living in a house that contains mold and mildew growths, you could begin to develop some serious health issues. But you can avoid those issues by simply having the mold and mildew that has developed on the outside of your home power washed away.


Do you think you might ever want to put your home on the market? It’s a thought that crosses most every homeowner’s mind at some point or another, so surely you have.

And if you have considered someday selling your home -- or if you’re currently trying to sell your home -- then you’ve probably wondered what you can do to catch the eyes (and, with luck, money) of eager shoppers.

The answer to that query: get a power washing! The nasty stuff that develops on your home over the years is as unsightly as it is unhealthy, and nobody is jumping at the opportunity to buy an unsightly home. To make your home look as beautiful and as appealing as can be, just get that nasty buildup power washed away!


Of course, pulling customers in is only half the battle when it comes to selling your home. The other half is getting that sweet, sweet money for it -- and lots of it!

If your home is covered in dirt and mold and mildew, then it’s not apt to generate quite the price tag that you might be wanting for it. And who wants to settle for less than they know their home could be worth? Nobody!

To get the highest price for your home, you need to increase its property value as much as possible. And to get the highest property value out of your home, you need to get that dirt and other nastiness power washed right off your home before putting it on the market!


Does a power washing sound good now? If so, then you need to call on an experienced professional to handle the power washing for you so you can fully enjoy all the benefits that one can offer.

Here in Belleville, that expert should be none other than Tom McNulty General Maintenance! With well over a decade in the business, we at Tom McNulty General Maintenance have all the experience to proudly declare ourselves the area’s top local power washing pros!

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