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Just Why Should You Spend the Money on a Fresh Coat of Paint?

Fresh Coat of PaintYour home: It’s the most important investment you’ll make. And for that reason, you need to be sure to keep your home in the best and most beautiful condition possible.

In that endeavor, you’ll have to deal with a Herculean number of labors. Many of these labors are things you need to handle daily: sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing dishes, washing toilets, etc.

But, thankfully, some of these labors need to be handled only once in a while. These include getting that roof repaired, having your HVAC checked every year, getting the place sprayed for insects . . .

And also doing something about that aging paint job.

Ugh, right? Painting isn’t quite as quick and easy as just sweeping or mopping, is it? It’s not.

That’s why you usually want to pay a professional to slap on that new coat of paint for you! A professional painter can get the job done quickly and provide just about the best final result possible!

Of course, it’s no secret: A professional paint job costs money. So, in your endeavor to keep your home in the best condition possible, you might find yourself asking, “Is a paint job really worth the money?”

To that, we offer a resounding yes!

A fresh coat of paint can benefit your home in many ways that extend beyond simple aesthetics. Not sure what those ways are? Don’t worry about it: Just read on, and our quick guide about some of the great benefits that a fresh coat of paint can offer will elucidate you!


Consider how much of your life you’ll spend in your home. Is it a little? A lot? The vast majority of it? Unless you’re a stir-crazy globetrotter, we’d wager the answer is one of those last two.

And now consider how much dirt and dust you always find yourself sweeping and dusting away. Consider that all that dirt and dust also adheres to your walls, where it only multiplies and circulates throughout your home, lowering the quality of your indoor air.

Low-quality indoor air can lead to a whole host of health issues over time. But you can avoid those health issues by getting a fresh coat of paint for your walls, covering up the years of dirty buildup while also helping to prevent new buildup from developing!


The exterior of your home must always go toe-to-toe with two of Mother Nature’s most destructive and most common problems: water and termites.

Should either of the two work its way into your home, it could begin to wear away at its wooden structural components, thus weakening your home and making it decidedly unsafe to live in!

You can avoid this unsafe situation, though. All you have to do is have the exterior of your home painted! A fresh exterior paint job will provide your home with a sealer that will prevent water and termites from entering so that its structural components stay strong for years to come!


To quote nobody, “I don’t care how much my house is worth.”

Let’s face it: After spending all the time and money it takes to get a house of your very own, you’ll want to know that that house is worth as much as it possibly can be!

A great way to ensure that your house is every bit as valuable as it can be, provide it with a fresh coat of paint. A faded, flaking, just plain worn-out coat of paint won’t do much to help your home fetch top dollar when it comes time to sell. But a bright, fresh coat of paint: That’ll help make your property as valuable as it could possibly be!


To reap the most of the benefits that a fresh coat of paint can provide, you need to have that job handled by an experienced painting professional. And here in Belleville, that professional is our very own top local painters at Tom McNulty General Maintenance!

With coming up on 20 years in the business, we at Tom McNulty General Maintenance have all the experience and expertise to promise you only the best and most beautiful new coat of paint for your home so that you can fully enjoy all the great benefits that a home painting can provide!

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