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About Us - Tom McNulty General Maintenance

Established in 2000, Tom McNulty General Maintenance has provided quality general maintenance work for businesses and homes in the northern New Jersey and Belleville area for nearly two decades now!

Being an NJBIA-recognized, family-owned company, Tom McNulty General Maintenance has the pedigree to promise you only the best work possible for your home or business.

Just what work is that work, though? Well, just to name a couple of examples . . .


Your windows should sparkle -- especially if you run a business. After all, if customers come upon your storefront and see streaky, unsightly windows, they might just turn around and find somewhere else to take their business -- somewhere that shows what care the owners put into every little detail.

If your windows are looking less than sparkling, then call on the top local window washers at Tom McNulty General Maintenance today. We at Tom McNulty General Maintenance have the experience and the dedication to quality work to promise to get your windows looking as beautiful as they can!

Own a business with a few floors? Stressed about cleaning those higher-up windows? Don’t worry about it! We at Tom McNulty General Maintenance are able to clean windows up to three stories, so you can count on us to handle those higher-up jobs for you, no problem!


The cleanest, most sparkling windows in the world won’t mean a thing if the building surrounding them is defined by a faded, peeling paint job. Then, you can clean your windows until they shine like diamonds, but your home or business as a whole will still look bad.

If a worn-out paint job is marring the general look of your home or business, don’t lose heart! Just call on Tom McNulty General Maintenance instead! We at Tom McNulty General Maintenance have the resources and the know-how to provide you with a quality paint job that will make your entire home or business pop with beauty and color!



Here at Tom McNulty General Maintenance, we conduct all of our jobs with the utmost integrity and the highest care for our customers and their needs.

Thus, with Tom McNulty General Maintenance, you can be sure that you’re getting only the top local general maintenance work that your money could buy!

Your home or business will be the biggest and most important investment you’ll make. For that reason, you need to keep that home or business maintained to the hilt. And to keep it as best maintained as possible, be sure to call on the general maintenance pros at Tom McNulty General Maintenance!

If you are looking for information on Tom McNulty General Maintenance then please call (973) 348-5797 or complete our

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