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Get The Cleanest Windows By Hiring The Best Window Washing Company In Belleville

Our crew is staffed by off-duty and retired firefighters and police officers!

Since 2000, we at Tom McNulty General Maintenance have provided a variety of quality general maintenance services to businesses and homes in and around the Belleville area.

Established by a retired Deputy Chief from the Maplewood, NJ, Fire Department, Tom McNulty General Maintenance prides itself on providing residents in the area with only the highest-quality work their money can buy!

That work includes window washing up to three stories. Your home should be beautiful, and a great way to get it looking beautiful is to keep its windows clean.

To get the cleanest windows without taking on the oftentimes tiring (and even dangerous!) task yourself, just call on the top local, northern New Jersey window washing company

We offer more than just window washing, though. Indeed, we can keep your whole home looking great with our power-washing and painting services!

On top of all that, we also offer a variety of other great services to help your home not just look great but also function great! These services include general maintenance, gutter cleaning, and sheetrock repair!

With our many years of experience and our membership in the New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA), we at Tom McNulty General Maintenance can demonstrate our expertise and reliability for all your home-improvement needs!

Are you looking for a locally owned general maintenance company that has the experience and dedication to excellence to keep your home or business looking and running great? Then look no further than Tom McNulty General Maintenance!

Local Business

NJBIA Certified

Family Owned


A Gutter Cleaning Will Divert Rainwater Away From The Base Of Your House

Let’s take a moment to emphasize one of our key services here: gutter cleaning.

Why, you might wonder, should we take the time and energy to focus on your gutters? "They just keep my head dry when it’s raining out -- no big deal. And who cares if they’re dirty? They’re so high up, not like anyone is going to see them"

Wrong and wrong, though.

Your gutters do more than just keep the water from soaking you head to toe when the rain’s coming down. In fact, they perform a vital service for the structure of your house.

How is that, you ask? Easy: by diverting rainwater away from the base of your house.

This is an important job. After all, if rainwater were to puddle up at your home’s base and stay there for a good, long while, over time, it would work its way down to your home’s foundation. There, it could begin to cause cracks and other damages that could compromise the structure of your entire home!

That is exactly why it’s of the utmost importance to keep your gutters cleaned. Yeah, maybe no one will notice if some leaves build up in your gutters . . . but the rain certainly will. If the rain can't use your gutters to wash away good and far from your home’s foundation, then the foundation is exactly where it’s going to go. Then it’s “hello, foundational problems.”

Avoid those problems -- get your gutters cleaned when they need to be cleaned. And to get the most thorough cleaning (while also avoiding the dangers involved in cleaning gutters yourself), just call on Tom McNulty General Maintenance for a thorough gutter cleaning.

Here at Tom McNulty General Maintenance, we understand just how important your gutters and the work they do are. That’s why we strive to provide you the best and most thorough gutter cleaning that you could ask for!


Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose us? Well, that’s a good question -- and here’s a good answer:

  • Experience
  • Integrity
  • Family values
  • Customer-focused work
  • Variety of maintenance services

At Tom McNulty General Maintenance, we offer all of those qualities in spades. We are an NJBIA company that puts its customers first and last, and we stand behind those facts with pride!

We understand that you’re more than another buck in our back pocket. You’re a person just trying to run a business or keep their home in good shape. You don’t need all the mess that you could get with those nationwide companies that have a computer do all the dealing with you until it’s time to collect a check.

With Tom McNulty General Maintenance, you won’t get that impersonal treatment. With our quality services and customer care, we at Tom McNulty General Maintenance will help you keep your business, home, family, and life in the best shape possible!

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